Riyadh Airports delivers exceptional customer and operational services to over 26.6 million passengers coming through the King Khalid International Airport annually. We* helped Riyadh Airports Company create, deliver and transform their digital strategy and services which enabled them to stand out in the global airport market.

*This project was made while I was a senior product designer at Future Workshops.

Woman working on a denture screw paired with Dokspot user interface for mobile and desktop.

Given the sheer size of the airport and the amount of travellers that it sees everyday, it is key that Riyadh Airports Company take into consideration the pain points that users will encounter and try to overcome these challenges.

Riyadh Airports Company partnered with us to provide a unique and holistic experience that would make travelling less stressful.

In collaboration with RAC, we devised a vision along with a roadmap for a new digital experience. Through field research, customer research, creative direction, content strategy, user experience (UX), user testing and user interface design we delivered a unique iOS and Android native app that effectively helps passengers travel through the airport.

User experience (UX) showing its ease of use.
Riyadh Airports app collection of icons.
iOS app user interface (UI) for departure flights - Arabic version
Android app user interface (UI) for departure flights - Arabic version

Airport travelling and emotions

When travelling from A to B there are multiple steps that need to be undertaken to reach the plane on time. The traveller goes through different emotional and energy states at each of these steps.

To help the user glide through their journey stress-free, the application gives a real-time, illustrative view of where they are on this journey (ie. at the check in desks) and at what point they should be going to the next stage (ie. go through airport security). The application uses beacon technology and GPS to give an accurate location of where the traveller is in the airport and where they should be going next giving them a uniquely tailored experience. The app informs the user when they should be going to their gate and how much time they have to explore the airport services, helping to achieve the business goal of RAC – take the stress out of travelling.

User Experience maps with traveler touch points.
User interface (UI) evolution that Riyadh Airports app has gone through for it's timeline feature.
Android app user interface (UI) for departure flights - Arabic version

“He opened my mind to looking at solutions to problems in a different way, looking how to automate tasks and asking why.”

FRANCESCA MYERSON – Lead Project Manager at Future Workshops


  • Product Strategy
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Information Architecture (iA)
  • User Research
  • User Testing


  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • iOS & Android Native
  • Design System

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