Creating digital products with those who are shaping tomorrow

Boring companies have boring products. Don’t fit in... Stand out.

Digital product designer working remotely

I am Fábio, and for the past 8 years I have partenered with ambitious companies to deliver unique digital products to foster human connection.

Together we will create digital products and experiences that can trasform your business through design and technology.

The 3 principles that define my approach to problem solving

Insights Driven

Research methods and data driven insights leading to impactful digital transformation.

User Centric

Understand the needs and desires of your customers to drive product decisions.


User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) that bring delight to your experiences.

Competitive Advantage

Working collaboratively, we will address your business pain points and create products and services that can enable you to stay ahead of your competition.

By focusing on customer needs and using data to drive product decisions, I can help your business improve its digital approach and create new opportunities for growth.

“Design is the most under-appreciated part of what makes startups win. Understanding that puts you ahead of 90% of competition”

Tomer London - Co-Founder at Gusto - Interview for Design Fund

What can I help you with?

From strategy to design, research to development, these are the disciplines that I will use to transform your digital approach and create your next big idea.

Understand your business goals, define success metrics, roadmaps and backlogs.
When exploring new markets or investing in new ideas, a minimum viable product can find the results you need before scaling.
Define a metric that matters (OMTM) to guide your product decisions and performance.
Define how the digital experience must feel and understand the best way to implement that direction to adhere to the digital strategy.
Research the competitive landscape, discover the current problems of your digital product and do accessibility checks based on industry standards.
Provide the blueprint for navigation structure and define how information must be presented to clients and users.
Understand the challenges and the desires of users’ and clients’ and what makes them want to use your digital solution.
Talk with existing and newly acquired users to understand how new products and features are performing.
Defining user experience maps and wireframes that enable an overall understanding of all the touching points between your digital solutions and its users.
Define the look and feel of the key screens of the product or service and create the visual direction for the service and products.
Build experiences and interfaces that follow the Human Interface Guidelines (iOS) and the Material Design Guidelines (Android) to make apps and services feel part of the system.
Design tailor made illustrations that enable the brand to tell great stories and stand out in the market.
Create custom iconography designed with brand and overall experience in mind.

Create your next big idea