Working collaboratively to turn your ideas into experiences

Hi there.

When was the last time you struggled to make your customers understand your product?

How are you adapting your business to the new, online-only demands?

Are you actively listening to your customers' needs and desires?

I am Fabio, a digital product designer deeply curious about the intersect between people, design and technology.

Over the years, I have partnered with ambitious companies across different market segments including governance, transportation, healthcare, finance, fashion and entertainment to deliver unique digital experiences with great user experiences that foster the connection between your customers and your business.

Today, I am working independently, helping each partner with my full commitment by focusing on active listening, working collaboratively and creating the right tools to improve the everyday lives of your customers through a design-led approach.

But, what is Thereforth, you might ask...

By finding and working with partners like you, I have the ambition to create a digital product design studio where a team of the best talent will work with you to solve the most pressing and demanding challenges.

A process that relies on collaboration and active listening to produce unique experiences

My design-led approach will help you move from the thinking to the doing.

Initiatives like the Shaping Chaos podcast enables our partners to learn from us and the best around the world about managing creative teams, becoming great bosses and fostering great relationships.

My design-led approach will help you move from thinking to the doing.

I am especially interested in working with industries where poor user experiences are prevalent, like enterprise software, digital health, transport infrastructure, agricultural monitoring and many more challenging, complex and information-dense problems that bring a positive impact to the lives of their users.

Shall we start?

Before we work together, this might be on your mind
  • — “Our customers are consuming online-only and our current offerinngs isn’t reaching them.”
  • — “We are struggling to retain our current customers.”
  • — “Our prospects are struggling to understand our products.”
  • — “We are spending too much time explaining our services.”
  • — “We are spending too much money on marketing to get very little ROI.”
  • — “We don’t have the resources necessary to train an in-house product designer.”
  • — “We don’t feel confident about our product. We know for a fact that we deserve better.”
After we work together, this will be your daily life
  • — “We now feel confident to talk with our prospects.”
  • — “Our offering is clearly understood.”
  • — “Our support calls are declining . Most people aren’t getting stuck in the payment flow anymore.”
  • — “People are sharing our products with their friends. ”
  • — “Our new metrics are helping us define better objectives.”
  • — “Now we know how to collect actionable feedback from our customers and prospects.”

Working Remotely

Great communication and web-based tools for design and prototype allow me to work with clients around the world.

Currently, I am based in Porto, Portugal working from the Porto i/o Seaside, a co-working space where scientists, engineers, architects, planners share the space to meet, create and talk about their passions.

Travelling to work and meet with my partners wherever they are based is something I am used to do, and I want you to and feel free to hop on a plane and join me at this wonderful location anytime.

Create your next big idea