Dokspot enables medical device manufacturers to provide electronic instructions for use (eIFU) for their products and improve the way instructions are handled, updated and delivered.

We helped Dokspot become a modern service provider by improving the overall platform experience to allow them to become a leader in health care solutions.

Woman working on a denture screw paired with Dokspot user interface for mobile and desktop.

As Dokspot started to scale, the overall platform experience started to deteriorate, making it harder to show prospective customers the platform’s value and retain their current customer base.

The brief was simple – to improve the overall user experience and allow customers to benefit from using the digital platform over paperwork.

After months of collaboration and thoughtful implementation of content strategy, user research, UX and UI, we built a robust experience that helps Dokspot make digital instructions available for any medical manufacturer that endeavours to become more efficient and resourceful.

“Today, we are more confident in presenting and talking about our product.”

CYRILLE DERCHÉ – Founder & CTO at Dokspot

Dokspot's product lines user interface (UI) with 7 products available.
Dokspot's activity dashboard with pending tasks over a colored background.

Accessibility by design

There are many touchpoints in device manufacturing. The process requires careful design and implementation that need to comply with a variety of global standards. Instruction writers and device manufactures have to work together to ensure there are no mistakes when an instruction goes live.

Initial research has shown that Dokspot’s validation process was convoluted and users were struggling to find the right action they needed to perform.

We implemented a modern and easily scannable experience that unified the platform and allowed Dokspot users to know what to do, at the right time.

Dokspot's server-side user interface (UI) showing a product line and it's multiple products and documents.
User experience (UX) diagram of Dokspot's server-side platform.
User interface (UI) of a product line with the search field highlighted.

A scalable system

Dokspot server side connects and builds the client interface. They were designed to have a consistent design language so users have a uniformed experience across the platform. We developed a library of components that can be used across multiple touchpoints enabling Dokspot to scale their services without compromising quality. This system had to comply with the specific white-label solutions unique to Dokspot’s strategy.

Dokspot's white label interface (UI) solution for product details as shown on desktop and mobile.
Mobile white label example of Dokspot's plaform using Galderma's branding with descriptions in English.
User experience (UX) diagram explaining the steps a user goes through when using Dokspot's platform.
Desktop white label example of Dokspot's plaform using Ico Tec's branding with descriptions in Portuguese.
Mobile white label example of Dokspot's plaform using Geistlich's branding with descriptions in English.
A collection of components that are used to create Dokspot's platform user interface (UI).
Female doctor using Dokspot's platform on her iPad reading instructions for use of a Galderma product.

Shared Ambition

Thereforth empowered Dokspot to move to the next stage of growth and become more confident in demoing the product to prospective clients. Bringing the value of design to industries with poor user experience, like device manufacturing is allowing Dokspot customers to stand out in the market.


  • Product Strategy
  • Metric & Analytics
  • UX/UI Audit
  • Information Architecture (iA)
  • User Research


  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)

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