Breezie operating system (OS) makes the Internet easy for senior citizens to connect with friends and family through multitude apps and instructions.

Working with Breezie, we developed an intuitive user experience that enabled the OS to scale and deliver a wider range of content to seniors around the world.

Intuitive user interface (UI) of Breezie starts screen showing 4 shortcuts.

Teaching through usage.

Breezie had a clear problem: educate seniors to use technology they have never encountered before

By conducting user research to understand how seniors interact with their family digitally, we built an intuitive and accessible user interface based on simple interactions making it less intimidating for them to try.

Partnering with Samsung enabled Breezie to operate at system level, improving the technology to enable its users to learn through experience, with the aid of their family.

User interface (UI) components that can be found on Breezie's design library. User interface (UI) components that can be found on Breezie's design library.
Hand pointing at user experience (UX) wireframes of Breezie's features.

Making it obvious.

Swipe, tap and scroll are all familiar and comfortable concepts from years of using technology.

We made these interactions obvious using clear information architecture and intuitive interface design. By highlighting different actions on the screen with visual and sound cues, we enabled seniors to understand at a glance what they could do.

Intuitive user interface (UI) showing a collection of contacts with big images and accessible buttons.
Intuitive user interface (UI) of Breezie contact page with 6 big buttons and a prominent picture to enable senior user understand content at glance.

Make the internet easy

Breezie’s mission to “make the Internet easy” was our North Star and was used to create an operating system that helps seniors connect with their relatives anywhere in the world


  • Product Strategy
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Information Architecture (iA)
  • User Research
  • User Testing


  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Design System

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